I’m trying to get better.

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Another update

So my scars are healing, they are still very visible. Everyone asks if I tried to kill myself. No, it was just an addiction, an old habit, I didn’t know how to react.. so I went back to the only way I knew how to deal with the shame and sadness. Now I’m focusing back on myself. I’m getting my body back on track, working out, wearing makeup, doing up my hair, and I got a raise and promotion at work. I am thankful for the past, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I keep becoming stronger mentally and physically because I am even more determined to get better.

update yo…

sadder than ever, i guess. almost three weeks ago, i cut myself deeper than ever because i lost the man i thought i loved. it was a forced breakup. i miss him. lately, i havent been eating much and i have lost six pounds so far. i dont really know what to do, he blocked me on everything even though we had an agreement to continue being friendly because who knows, we could get back together. now he is hanging out with the girl i did not approve of him talking to… whatever i hope he finds happiness. 

also it doesnt really help not having any friends. but thats okay i guess, friends dont last.

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